IDS Publishes Bulletin on Inclusive Peace and Security

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in April 2018, published a new archive edition of the its newsletter – IDS Bulletin on Inclusive Peace and Security. This Bulletin reprints articles, dating as far back as 1985, which are as relevant now as when they were first published.

In its introductory article, “From Disarmament and Development to Inclusive Peace and Security: Four Decades of IDS Research”, Prof Robin Luckham, an Emeritus Fellow at IDS and founding member of the African Security Sector Network (ASSN) and its Executive Committee argues that we need to revisit the question of disarmament. Luckham points out that it has dropped out of development analysis since the end of the Cold War but has remained relevant all along.

The piece surveys four decades of work on peace, security, and development, centring on articles published in previous issues of the IDS Bulletin. These articles focused initially on disarmament and its actual and potential contributions to development. After the end of the Cold War, development research engaged more and more directly with conflict prevention and peace-building, turning the spotlight upon security.

IDS work has been distinctive in three respects. First, in interrogating the multiple meanings of security, delinking it from state and international security. Second, by tracing the complex links between global, national, local, and personal security. Third, in its insistence that security be inclusive, drawing upon the experience and agency of the people and groups who are ‘developed’ and ‘secured’.

Please click here to access the bulletin.