ASSN, Oxfam and KPSRL Publish Paper On Civic Space In Africa

The paper, titled ‘Advocating for Inclusive Security in Restricted Civic Spaces in Africa: Lessons learned from Burundi, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Niger, Somalia/Somaliland, and South Sudan, is the product of a learning event on Stretching Civic Space: Influencing on Inclusive Peace and Security which was held earlier in February, this year.

The learning event, jointly organized by the ASSN and Oxfam Novib was hosted by the African Union in Addis Ababa and funded by the Knowledge Management Fund of the Dutch Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law (KPSRL).

The paper recognizes that Civil Society has a vital role in advocating for inclusive, people-centred security provision, which meets the everyday safety and security needs of all. This is especially crucial in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, characterized by high levels of insecurity. Yet restricted civic space shackles civil society’s ability to do so. Despite this, civil society in Burundi, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Niger, Somalia/Somaliland, and South Sudan has developed strategies to navigate, maintain and open civic space to advocate for inclusive people-centred security and peace.

Our profound appreciation to all the civil society organizations who participated in the workshop and shared their insights and experiences; this paper was made possible thanks to them.

Please click this link to access the full paper.

Below is also a link to a blog post on the learning event:

“Security is everyone’s business”: Learning from our security sector reform workshop